Joseph Adair - Principal Ecologist

Joseph (Joe) is an environmental and ecological consultant with over 40 years’ experience with senior positions in public, private, and not for profit sectors. He joined Green Tape Solutions in 2019 as a Senior Ecologist.  


His core skills are impact assessment for major projects, development of management plans relating to natural resource management, ecological and environmental policy, implementation, threatened species conservation policy and implementation, development and implementation of environmental management plans, technical reports and expert advice on ecological constraints and environmental legislation. Joe is an experienced project manager across all facets of natural resource management and conservation projects.  


Joe has extensive experience in all aspects of environmental assessment and biodiversity impact assessment and legislative arrangementsJoe is well known in Queensland across government, private and not for profit sectors from working in each of these sectors and has a reputation for integrity and ethical behaviour when undertaking projects and providing advice to clients.  


Joe has managed large national parks in Queensland, including Carnarvon National Park and prepared many of the first management plans for the Sandstone Belt parks in central Queensland. He later worked as a senior manager, assessor, and decision maker across central Queensland firstly as manager of national parks and then across all forestry, community nature conservation and wildlife management activities, involving small and large project such as coal ports, mines, coal seam gas projects, dams and renewable energy projects. He has hands on experience in the corporate sector through working in the Coal Seam Gas industry. Further Joe has experience in the ‘not for profit’ sector working with Australian Wildlife Conservancy as program coordinator for the New South Wales project to return locally extinct mammals to the wild.  


Joe is a founding member of the EIANZ and has a passion for sustainable environmental and ecological management for the benefit of the client, community, and the environment. He understands the needs of clients and works with them to find the most practicable and reasonable outcomes are achieved.   


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