Our Vision and Our Mission

Our vision is to be a leading and forward-thinking environmental consultancy which significantly influence sustainable change through the work we do.

Our mission is to promote the right balance of social, environmental and economic outcomes for our Clients and the community now and in the future.

We strive to work with exceptional individuals who share our passion for meaningful projects that prioritise the preservation of our natural, cultural, and social resources. 

Our Core Values

Green Tape Solutions’ Director and key staff are members of the Environment Institute of Australia and New Zealand (EIANZ) and are Certified Environmental Practitioners (CEnvP). As CEnvP, we are bound to, and fully support, the EIANZ Code of Ethics and Professional Conduct. Our clients and colleagues can be assured that our work will always be undertaken in the spirit of the Code, with competence and integrity. The Code of Ethics is central of sound environmental practice and the credibility of the profession and commits practitioners to:

·         Promote environmental principles;

·         Demonstrate integrity;

·         Represent and promote the profession; and,

·         Practice competently.

Our core values include

1-  Deep Connection: We value deep connections and meaningful relationships with our colleagues and our clients, as well as with wildlife and the natural environment.

2-  Integrity and Honesty: We always honour our commitments to one another and our clients. We strive for ethical outcomes. Honesty, trust and ethical practices are fundamental to our business.

3-   Communication: We ensure transparent communication with our client so there are no surprises, even if it is at odds with our client’s expectations.

4-   Balance outcome: We strive for successful balanced outcomes between the environment and the development so that our clients get best available advice to move forward. We will help our clients to be sustainable successful.

5- Success and growth for our employees. We understand that our people are what distinguishes us from other consultancies. We encourage and support our staff to continue their skills and knowledge development.