Clarke Creek Wind and Solar Farm - Environmental Approval


Project Location: Clarke Creek, west of Rockhampton


Project Description: Green Tape Solutions undertook a seasonal ecological surveys and prepared the Commonwealth and State Department applications to support the approval of the Clarke Creek Wind and Solar Farm in Central Far North Queensland.

Green Tape Solutions was involved with the completion of a detailed ecological impact assessment, which included the results of the seasonal fauna and flora surveys. We used innovative technologies such as the drone to survey inaccessible areas. The work helped finalising the EPBC referral and the Significant Impact Assessment against the Qld Significant Impact Guidelines that focused primarily on potential impacts on threatened flora and fauna and World Heritage values.


As experts in the field, we provided environmental advice on key issues including potential impacts to birds and bats due to rotor strike or barotraumas and direct removal of species and habitat for threatened species within the access road and tower footprints.

We helped with the preparation of the following draft reports:

- Preliminary Documentation (EPBC approval)

- Draft Vegetation management plan

- Help with the development of the draft bird and bat management plan

- Draft cycad translocation management plan

- Offset strategy and management plan including offset to support habitat for Koala, Greater Glider and Squatter Pigeon and improve Semi-evergreen Vine Thicket. 


This report are currently in draft to support the State and Federal approval and illustrate compliance with the relevant offset guidelines. 


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