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Congratulation to Jasmine Vink and Jannico Kelk!
Green Tape Solutions News  · 01. July 2020
Green Tape Solutions is proud to announce that two of our ecologists and wildlife photographers, Jasmine Vink and Jannico Kelk, have their photos shortlisted in this years Australian Geographic - nature photographer of the year competition.

Green Tape Solutions News  · 05. November 2016
The annual Environmental Institute of Australia and New Zealand took place in Brisbane on October 3rd and 4th November 2016. This year’s theme was the Foundations for Tomorrow.

Green Tape Solutions News  · 14. September 2016
On 07 September 2016, Green Tape Solutions attended the EIANZ National Flying-fox Forum that brought together 75 people, including local government environment officers, flying-fox carers, ecological consultants, Queensland and New South Wales environment department officers, and Department of the Environment and Energy staff, to work towards a National Flying-fox Strategy.

Green Tape Solutions News  · 08. May 2016
New figures show a catastrophic population crash in the past 20 years in south-east Queensland's Koala Coast and Pine Rivers regions. The announcement followed the release of a University of Queensland report that claimed koalas would likely be extinct in some areas "within a small number of generations". Since 1996, more than 80 per cent of the koala population has disappeared on the Koala Coast, in and around Brisbane, the report found. The report also outlines that 54% had disappeared in the...

Green Tape Solutions News  · 08. May 2016
49 new species of flora and fauna have been added to the federal government’s list of threatened species, including nine that are critically endangered. Among the species to be added to the list under the EPBCAct were the brush-tailed bettong (endangered), the three-toed snake-tooth skink (vulnerable), the Condamine Earless Dragon (upgraded from Vulnerable to Endangered), the swift parrot (upgraded from endangered to critically endangered), the Yellow-footed Rock-wallaby (Vulnerable) and...