Bruce Highway Upgrade Project Environmental Approval - EPBC referral


Project location: Bruce Highway Upgrade Project

Project Description: Green Tape Solutions was the lead fauna consultant involved in undertaking threatened fauna and flora surveys for the construction of the Bruce Highway Project. The works required the nominated ecologists to accurately and clearly respond to the Preliminary Documentation (PD) letter provided to TMR from the Department of Environment (DoE) regarding an EPBC Act referral for the Bruce Highway Upgrade Project. The scope of works that was completed included:

  • Providing a description of environment within the development area, specifically addressing Matters of National Environmental Significance (MNES), including the Lowland Rainforest of Subtropical Australia Threatened Ecological Community (TEC) and Koalas (listed as Vulnerable);
  • Assessing the relevant impacts (direct and indirect) on all listed species and communities, specifically addressing Lowland Rainforest of Subtropical Australia (Threatened Ecological Community (TEC) and Koalas (listed as Vulnerable));
  • Outlining proposed avoidance, management and mitigation measures, addressed through an overarching Environmental Management Plan (EMP);
  • Providing an outline of proposed offsets, addressed through an Offset Management Strategy; and
  • Providing ongoing support and advice through the EPC approval process

Outcome and Results of the Project: An assessment of vegetation across the Project Footprint was required, with a particular emphasis on potential areas of Lowland Rainforest Threatened Ecological Community, and areas potentially supporting threatened flora species. A koala survey and koala habitat assessment were conducted on the site, in accordance with the relevant Survey Guidelines for Australia’s Threatened Species prepared by DSEWPaC, and Policy 4 of the Nature Conservation (Koala) Conservation Plan 2006 and Management Program 2006 – 2016.