Offset Assessment and Management

As defined by the Queensland Government, offsets are legal mitigation measures that are considered during the assessment phase of an environmental impact assessment. Offsets are used to compensate for the residual adverse impacts of an action on the environment to ensure compliance with the EPBC Act, the Queensland or Local Planning Scheme.


Green Tape Solutions' staff have gained extensive experience in delivering offset at a Council, State and Federal level. We understand the policy's requirements and keep up-to-date with change in legislation. We understand that offsets are a financial burden for our Clients and we help them by delivering cost-effective solutions at a State and Federal level.

Green Tape Solutions provides the following services:


  • Assessment of terrestrial flora and fauna surveys to determine potential presence of matters of significance
  • Assessments of significant residual impacts
  • Development offset strategies
  • Development of offset management plans compliant with Qld Environmental Offset Policy or the EPBC Offset Policy
  • Provision of maintenance and monitoring of offset sites for the period of the offset

Our Capabilities

  • Significant Residual Impact Assessments
  • Offset Cost Analyses
  • Offset Strategies and Management Plans
  • Ecological Equivalence Assessments
  • EPBC Act Offsets
  • Management and Monitoring of Offset Sites
Green Tape Solutions' offset planting approved by Council
Green Tape Solutions' offset planting approved by Council

Our Experience

Our expertise and knowledge of the current legislation enables our Clients to understand the limitations regarding the suitability of a site for its intended commercial land use. With our advice, Clients are able to make appropriate decisions on suitable developments, and save money and time in the long term.