Ecological Assessment and Management

At Green Tape Solutions, we provide ecological advice and reporting for mining, industrial, commercial and residential development. We have strong experience in delivering development and environmental approvals in Queensland, especially South-East Queensland. Our experts have also acquired knowledge and experience internationally, having undertaken work in Europe, Asia, New Caledonia and North America.

Ecological assessment reports are submitted to Council to demonstrate that proposed development works will protect the city’s biodiversity network and comply with the city’s planning scheme.


Green Tape Solutions has developed, submitted and received approval for over 100 ecological reports across Queensland and New South Wales. We assess sites covered by the Wetlands overlay, Biodiversity areas overlay, Waterway overlays, Matters of National/State or Local Environmental Significance, when a subdivision or a material change of use is proposed. Our ecological reports provide an assessment on the development proposal against relevant environmental legislation (Federal, State and Local).

  • Environmental Due diligence assessment /
  • Environmental Constraints assessment;
  • Biodiversity Overlay Code assessment
  • Environmental Impact Statements (EIS)
  • Statement of Environmental Effects (SEE)
  • Reviews of Environmental Factors (REF)
  • EPBC Act referral
  • Ecological report 
  • Bird and Bat management plan
  • Vegetation management plan
  • Rehabilitation management plan
  • Offset management plan
  • GIS mapping (regional ecosystem, ground-truthed vegetation mapping)
  • Threatened fauna / flora survey and report 
  • Flora trigger report 
  • Environmental approval (Federal, State and Council approval) 
  • Post-approval activities such as monitoring works, environmental auditing
Type of projects we worked on:
  • Multi-unit development application
  • Material Change of Use application
  • Reconfiguration of Lot or subdivisions applications
  • Research Projects
  • Renewable Energy (solar and wind farms)
  • Mining projects
  • Infrastructure application – roads, rail and airport projects

The level of detail contained within ecological reports can vary, reflecting the nature of the development proposal and site attributes. Our ecological assessment report:

  • Describe of the ecological features and processes of a development site and adjacent lands;
  • Provide an assessment of the nature conservation values of these features and processes;
  • Provide a description of threatening processes evident on site;
  • Document potential development impacts upon these ecological values and features;
  • Detail impact mitigation measures which will be undertaken to avoid or mitigate those impacts to an acceptable standard.

Our Experience

Green Tape Solutions' staff have developed, reviewed and/or delivered more than 600 projects across Queensland, New South Wales and Northern Territory. We are familiar with a large number of planning schemes, including but not limited to: 

  • Brisbane City Council - Brisbane City Plan 2014
  • Logan City Council - Logan City Planning Scheme 2015
  • Sunshine Coast Regional Council - Sunshine Coast Planning Scheme 2014
  • Moreton Bay Regional Council - Caboolture Shire Plan, Pine Rivers Plan, Redcliffe City Planning Scheme and the draft Moreton Bay Planning Scheme
  • Gold Coast City Council - City Plan 2016
  • Redland City Council - Redlands Planning Scheme
  • Ipswich City Council - Ipswich Planning Scheme
  • Cairns Regional Council - Cairns Region Planning Scheme
  • Rockhampton Regional Council - RockePlan
  • Tweed Shire Council - Tweed strategic land use planning framework
  • Darwin - Northern Territory Planning Scheme
  • Lismore - Lismore Local Environmental Plan 2012

Green Tape Solutions is an accredited member of a range of national and state industry and professional organisations which relate to the environmental services we provide. Our staff are active in these organisations, being invited to sit on Boards, presenting papers at conferences, providing expert advice for legislative and industry issues and attending events and seminars to ensure we keep up to date with relevant legislation and trends. Currently, our staff are active members of:

  • Urban Development Institute of Australia (UDIA) Planning and Environmental Committees;
  • Queensland Environmental Law Association (QELA) legislative sub-committee; and,
  • Environmental Institute of Australia and New Zealand (EIANZ) Policy and Communications Committees.