Ecological Due Diligence Assessments

The due diligence process or constraint analysis is a powerful and effective risk management tool. At Green Tape Solutions, we assists with the identification and assessment of risks connected to your project. With more than 15 years experience working with private and public developments, we provide ecological advice on commercial, industrial, and residential development, and rail, road and mining projects.


Our staff are part of a number of planning and environmental committees, which allow us to always maintain regular insights on new legislation. This has enable us to deliver trustworthy advice to enable our clients to make informed and considered decisions on their developments. 

When undertaking a due diligence assessment, we: 

  • Capture your business' values and your project's objectives to ensure the best outcome possible;
  • Ensure that we acquire all relevant environmental values on your site to assess the development opportunities;
  • Ensure that we outline all environmental legislation that relates to your project; and,
  • Ensure that we use the most appropriate resources/databases to support our technical advice.

Our due diligence services include:

  • Desktop assessments to identify environmental features based on Local, State and Commonwealth databases;
  • Field assessments to confirm the conditions and ecological values present on site;
  • Ecological opportunities and constraints analyses to provide advice on the potential for development;
  • Assessment of environmental legislation that might impact on the project feasibility; and,
  • Provision of expert advice to inform development design in order to maximise yield.