Wildlife Management

Koala habitat surveys and relocation

Green Tape Solutions undertakes wildlife monitoring, fauna surveys and management plans. We provide advice to our clients on wildlife ecology and behaviour specific to their project. Our expertise and experience have built an outstanding industry reputation.


Our Experience

Flying fox surveys and relocation of roosts
Green Tape Solutions' staff help a number of local governments managing the population of flying-foxes across their city. We have developed a series of flying-fox management plans to resolve environmental issues associated with flying-fox roosts, which provides for their long term protection and conservation.


Since 2010, Green Tape Solutions staff have surveyed and monitored more than 50 roosts across Queensland. The results of the monitoring were included in the National Flying Fox database to provide scientific input into the decision making process. The database helps facilitating the development of best practices around managing large population of flying foxes across the Australia. At Green Tape Solutions, we use Geographic Information System to analyse the data collected on-ground and model suitable habitat and roost sites as potential offset sites.

Green Tape Solutions works for numerous private companies and local governments to manage wildlife such as flying fox colonies, magpies or ibis within the urban area. Green Tape Solutions have provided and can undertake the following wildlife management services: 

  • Development of Koala management plans and offset assessments to minimise impacts of development within Ipswich City Council. This included the development of the DA ecological report and EPBC referral which was approved by the Department of the Environment.
  • Assessment of impacts of development on threatened amphibian species including the Wallum Sedge Frog, the Wallum Froglet, Tusked Frog, and Wallum Rocketfrog within Sunshine Coast Regional Council.
  • Assessment of threatened reptile species such as the Dunmalls snake and Yakka skink.
  • Supervision of flying foxes camps relocation/removal as both fauna spotter and wildlife carer.
  • Development of wildlife management plans in accordance with Nature Conservation Act 2002.
  • Restoration and monitoring of Acid Frogs habitat in Sunshine Coast Regional Council.
  • Monitoring and maintenance of habitat for Sugar Glider at Karawatha, Brisbane.
  • Monitoring of shorebirds across 10 sites in South East Queensland.
  • Development of community engagement and education programs to ensure the long term conservation of threatened species of bats.
  • Supervision of habitat modification to assist management of flying-fox roosts and foraging sites.
  • Provision of wildcare advice and assistance.