Nest Box Supply, Installation and Monitoring

As vegetation is cleared, hollows disappear fast. It can take 80+ years for a Eucalypt to provide suitable nesting requirements for many Australian arboreal animals. A number of studies demonstrate that nest boxes are very effective for replacing natural hollows and to provide shelter and breeding habitat needed by hollow-bearing tree-dependent wildlife.


The installation and monitoring of nest boxes to compensate the loss of hollows is often a requirement for Councils.


At Green Tape Solutions, we partner with Melomys ( to supply and install a variety of nest boxes (e.g. possum, parrot, cockatoo, gliders, microbats, etc). Many species of frogs, reptiles, birds and mammals will utilise nest boxes, and the placement and location of the nest box must be appropriate to the targeted species. Our friendly staff have the knowledge and expertise to help with the installation and monitoring of the nest boxes on your project.

Our Capabilities

  • Wildlife assessment
  • Nest box supply and installation
  • Nest box monitoring
  • Nest box maintenance

Our Experience

Family of Sugar Glider in a nest box
Family of Sugar Glider in a nest box

Green Tape Solutions developed the Nest Boxes Installation and Monitoring Guidelines for Brisbane City Council. We are familiar with the Australian species and their specific habitat requirements. We have undertaken a number of nest box monitoring programs across Queensland and New South Wales using telescopic camera poles.