Lighting Impact Assessment for Wildlife

Koala habitat surveys and relocation

Green Tape Solutions undertakes wildlife monitoring and has worked with WAVES Testing, Research and Consulting to prepare lighting impact assessments for wildlife.

Our assessment includes both short term and long term impacts of light on wildlife such as turtles and migratory birds on the beach, and also bats in the urban environment.

Artificial light poses a significant threat to a range of wildlife. Light disrupts critical behaviours such as nesting, hatchling orientation, sea finding, breeding and dispersal behaviour which may reduce the overall reproductive output of a stock and therefore recovery. Urban, industrial and commercial developments should be separated from nearby nesting / breeding habitat by a buffer that is appropriate to the topography of the dune system, presence of vegetation and the amount of light emitted from the activity.
Green Tape Solutions and WAVES recently worked with Moreton Bay Regional Council (MBRC) to compile existing Council and State turtle nesting datasets, to identify areas within the MBRC which may be vulnerable to direct or indirect illumination at night or elevated sky glow, to refine nominal buffers proposed in the draft model code by identifying areas where light sources may impact vulnerable areas, and to consider impacts artificial light may have on nesting turtles and hatchlings utilising beaches within the MBRC. The project deliverables included:
  • an ALAN survey prepared by WAVES;
  • a detailed viewshed GIS analysis to develop ‘Overlay Map - Sea Turtle Sensitive Areas’ mapping layer for MBRC;
  • a report with recommendations about the suitability of the provisions of the draft model code for Sea Turtle Sensitive Areas for potential inclusion in the Moreton Bay planning scheme, and
  • operational management recommendations relating to sea turtle nesting at the survey sites. 

Our Capabilities

Our Experience

Green Tape Solutions works for numerous private companies and local governments to manage light, noise and air pollution on wildlife including birds, mammals and reptiles. Green Tape Solutions have provided and can undertake the following management services: 

  • Development of wildlife management plans to minimise impacts of development.
  • Assessment of impacts of development on threatened amphibian species including the Wallum Sedge Frog, the Wallum Froglet, Tusked Frog, and Wallum Rocketfrog within Sunshine Coast Regional Council.
  • Monitoring of shorebirds roosting and fly path across 10 sites in South East Queensland.
  • Assessment of impacts of light on turtle and migratory birds caused by proposed development.