Aaron Felton - Senior Ecologist

A Senior Ecologist at Green Tape Solutions, Aaron has over 10 years of experience in the environmental sector working in numerous roles around Australia. He began his trade and journey along his passion of wildlife conservation, working in wildlife sanctuaries and wildlife rescue centres.  Then expanding his knowledge of terrestrial communities into remuneration and revegetation, predominantly around South Australia. This greater understanding of the interaction between flora and fauna fuelled his passion to continue learning and expanding his knowledge of the ecological world.


Moving firstly to the Northern Territory, then to Queensland in the search for meaningful work in this field, he spent over 5 years in the Brigalow belt and South-East Queensland, consulting to numerous construction companies and projects with regards to fauna and flora management, impact mitigation impact and conservation. Aaron felt like he could better serve and have a greater input into the environmental management strategies working as an Environmental Advisor within the construction realm. He then spent the next 3 years, moving up to a Senior Environmental Advisor for a tear 1 construction company, offering comprehensive environmental advice and recommendations, as well as implementing strict environmental compliance and greater awareness of impact issues associated with construction to all those that he worked with. This work saw him adhere to state legislation for the relative projects in Queensland, South Australia and the Northern Territory on large infrastructure project from pipelines to major rail, road and highway infrastructure projects.


Recently, his desire to get back to his real passion of fauna, flora and ecological conservation saw him move back into the consulting sector as a Senior Ecologist, bringing with him a greater working knowledge of the construction processes, approvals, legislation and associated environmental impacts and their mitigation measures.


Ever since his university studies, Aaron has had a strong connection to the ocean, coastal habitats and its inhabitants, and its conservation, volunteering much of his spare time in this field. He also developed a keen passion for photography and cinematography, which lead him into creating numerous documentary films over the years, to educate and encourage conservation of our natural world. Something he continues to this day through his professional photography and film-making.


Aaron has a well-developed, broad knowledge of the ecological and natural world and the processes that govern it. His experience in the construction industry has given him a good working knowledge of State, and National legislation and protocols, and a great ability to communicate with people from all levels of industry, from CEOs to labourers. He is passionate, driven, and easy to get along with and continues to make his mark in the industry through sound, comprehensive advice and recommendations. 


Get in contact with Aaron: 

(E) aaron.felton@greentapesolutions.com.au