Jacob Gack - Ecologist

Jacob is one of the latest additions to the Green Tape Solutions team up in South-East Queensland.


With a key passion for aquatic, marine and wetland species, He has worked extensively within the field, particularly with freshwater turtles and aquatic ecosystems in both Queensland, New South Wales and Victoria. Jacob has also undertaken research activities including assessment undertaken within sea grass meadows, coral reefs and sea scape environments. His other passion for Australian bushfire impacts on the environment and communities has led Jacob to work closely for several years with the Queensland Rural Fire Service (RFS) and Victorian Country Fire Association (CFA), Jacob has undertaken firefighting operations works during several fire seasons, including post fire ecological assessments. These experiences have permitted Jacob to undertake bushfire assessments appropriately within the context how fire would naturally travel throughout an ecosystem. Since employment with Green Tape Solutions, Jacob has undertaken numerous ecological assessments, Bushfire hazard assessments, management plans, information requests and due diligence requests on behalf of clients with south east and central Queensland regions. 


Jacob has a comprehensive knowledge of the environmental legislation and gained excellent understanding of Commonwealth, State and Local government requirements which allows him to correctly assess the legislative protections and with his technical skills allow his to appropriately assess the quality of the ecosystem to achieve favourable outcomes for clients and protect the ecological integrity, features and the effective utility for threatened species listed under both the state and federal legislation.    



Get in contact with Jacob: 

(E) jacob.gack@greentapesolutions.com.au