Kelly Matthews - Director and Principal Ecologist

As the Founding Director of Green Tape Solutions, Kelly has extensive experience and expertise in environmental management, biodiversity impact assessment, geographic information system and community liaison. Over the past 20 years, she has been involved in management, consulting, research and community-based studies of terrestrial ecology.


Kelly is known in South-east Queensland, where she has practiced in environmental consultancy since July 2006 and she has a reputation for professionalism, integrity and expertise in her field. Kelly is committed to high standards of professional and ethical conduct in the areas of environmental impact assessment and management.


Kelly works for all levels of government and private organisations. She manages and prepares documentation for a wide range of projects, of varying scales and affecting a diverse range of natural and constructed environments including major infrastructure projects as well as resource and energy projects. Kelly’s work demands an in-depth knowledge of planning and environmental legislation, in addition to a comprehensive understanding of development-related impacts.  Having worked as an ecologist within and outside Australia and in particular in the Development Assessment team within local Government, she understands the fundamentals needed to deliver major developments and associated infrastructure in a difficult legislative and economic environment.


Kelly is a Certified Environmental Practitioner from the Environment Institute of Australia and New Zealand (EIANZ). This was awarded in recognition of her role as a leading environmental professional, committed to high ethical and professional standards in the areas of ecological impact assessment and management.


The focus of her career is the assessment and delivery of large-scale greenfield master planned developments, roads infrastructure, wind and solar farms and residential developments in a sustainable manner. She developed a strong sense of commercial awareness and focuses on the delivery of balanced outcomes with our environment. Her commitment to wildlife management solutions and her knowledge of environmental legislation is highly valued by policy-makers, land-use planners, developers and project managers.


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