Mark McVeigh - Ecologist

Mark is an enthusiastic and experienced ecologist with a passion and interest in flora and terrestrial landscape ecology. Mark has 2 years’ experience working within Brisbane City Council’s Development services branch as a paratechnical ecology officer. Within Council Mark gained experience and knowledge of the inner workings of local council development processes and the legislation and policy that drives it. Mark has experience in assessing development applications, reports and management plans and thus key insight into there creation and management.


Mark joined the Green Tape Solutions' family in 2020 and has since performed flora and fauna survey for small top large project.


Mark has previously completed his honours on Eucalyptus argophloia under the tutelage of Dr Rod Fenchsham with the paper being published in the Australian Journal of Botany in 2019. He is also an active campaigner in the space of climate change and financial sustainability, winning a landmark legal case in November 2020 on climate related risks to superannuation.


Mark hopes to further his career within Green Tapes team and gain exposure to larger and greater projects while building key skills in botany and consulting.


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