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Legislation · 06. February 2020
The Nature Conservation and Other Legislation (Koala Protection) Amendment Regulation commenced on 7 February 2020.
Legislation · 01. January 2020
Discussion Paper on review of EPBC Act
Legislation · 24. November 2016
On behalf of the Environment Institute of Australia and New Zealand – SEQ Division, Green Tape Solutions prepared a submission to respond to Parliamentary Inquiry into Flying-foxes.

Legislation · 19. August 2016
The Queensland Government’s Vegetation Management (Reinstatement) and Other Legislation Amendment Bill 2016 (VMROLA) was rejected by Parliament last night. The Bill was introduced to Parliament on 17 March 2016, and was referred to the Agriculture and Environment Committee.
Legislation · 26. July 2016
The review focuses on reforming the management of protected animals under the subordinate legislation, including the Nature Conservation (Wildlife Management) Regulation 2006, the Nature Conservation (Administration) Regulation 2006, and the Nature Conservation (Wildlife) Regulation 2006.
Legislation · 11. May 2016
The current planning Act (the Sustainable Planning Act 2009) has been replaced with the new planning legislation, which was passed by the Queensland Parliament on 12 May 2016. The replacement legislation includes: The Planning Act 2015 The Planning and Environment Court Act 2015 The Planning (Consequential) and Other Legislation Act 2015

Legislation · 09. May 2016
On the 3 May 2016, the NSW Government has released it’s proposed Biodiversity Reform Package. The Draft Biodiversity Conservation Bill 2016 is not released for public comment and submission period close on 28 June 2016. The resulting NSW Biodiversity Conservation Act 2016 will replace the Threatened Species Conservation Act 1995, Native Vegetation Act 2003, Nature Conservation Trust Act 2001, and the plant and animal provisions of the National Parks and Wildlife Act 1974.

Green Tape Solutions News  · 08. May 2016
49 new species of flora and fauna have been added to the federal government’s list of threatened species, including nine that are critically endangered. Among the species to be added to the list under the EPBCAct were the brush-tailed bettong (endangered), the three-toed snake-tooth skink (vulnerable), the Condamine Earless Dragon (upgraded from Vulnerable to Endangered), the swift parrot (upgraded from endangered to critically endangered), the Yellow-footed Rock-wallaby (Vulnerable) and...

Legislation · 26. April 2016
The Committee has extended the deadline for submissions on the Vegetation Management (Reinstatement) Bill to Friday 29 April 2016.
Legislation · 07. April 2016
Due to the Environmental Offsets Act 2014 and updates to other legislation the department has amended 20 ERA standards, and is now seeking comments on the draft amendments until midnight 20 May 2016.

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